luxury derives from simplicity

Luxury derives from simplicity and The Designer’s Villa is a living example to that. Its minimal, white-washed design complements Corfu’s verdant natural environment, becoming a canvas of contrasts for anyone who stays in it. Fully equipped with upscale services and facilities and in accordance to the concept of ‘Spiritual Living Corfu’, The Designer’s Villa will thrill all modern travelers who are craving for inspiration and authenticity. Just like at an architect’s home!

modern, laid-back and luxurious lifestyle

The Editor’s Villa blurs the borders between interior and exterior, introducing a modern, laid-back and luxurious lifestyle that’s directly connected to nature. The villa’s unique design boasts several romantic elements like quirky furniture and thick fabrics alongside an ‘intellectual’ atmosphere that makes it feel like the home of inspiration of any modern architect. Here, every minute is a precious pleasure filled with originality, sophistication, flair and insights.

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