The Spiritual Living Corfu collection of villas and lifestyle outlets – including a sophisticated all day bar and a premium jewellery shop – is located in the cosmopolitan capital of Corfu.


The emerald island of Greece

Fusing pristine beauty and strategic location, Corfu has long enticed conquerors and holidaymakers alike. This is the island where the shipwrecked Odysseus was soothed and sent on his way home in Homeric times, and just the spot where the Venetians, the British, the French and even the Romans left their indelible marks over the following aeons. Corfu was also a beacon of intellect in the early days of modern Greece – and this distinctly artistic aura is still prevalent nowadays. An aesthete’s and architecture lover’s dream, Corfu moreover boasts a thriving dining and drinking scene with fine restaurants, lively bars and intriguing shops. But there is plenty for nature enthusiasts too. From virgin landscapes with sculpted cliffs, cypress-studded hills and sandy coves lapped by cobalt seas, to vertiginous villages, remote monasteries and ancient olive groves, there are all sorts of exciting discoveries to be made. Let us connect you with the icons and the hidden gems!


A man sitting by the pool looking at a woman swinging over the pool of their luxury villa in corfu

Designer's Villa Location

Climbed above the gorgeous Ionian coast, the Designer’s Villa is a veritable oasis of luxury and style. Gaze out over the shining turquoise and emerald shades of the sea and the forest from your terrace and let all your worries melt away. Note however that Corfu’s capital, and some of the island’s most popular beaches and attractions are a few minutes’ drive away – and beckoning for exploration. Get lost in the winding alleyways of the Old Town, discover its lively foodie scene and delightful shopping, hit the beach or visit top-class museums.

The 200 m2 luxury editor's villa in corfu with private pool and garden

Editor's Villa Location

Right atop a cypress-studded hill, the Editor’s Villa offers unparalleled panoramic views of the Ionian. Yet, howbeit tempting just sea gazing might be, this lavish retreat is a mere minutes’ drive from the wonders of Corfu’s capital, as well as some of the island’s most popular beaches and attractions. Explore the Old Town’s tight-packed warren of winding lanes, sample delicious food in its restaurants, indulge in high-class shopping or museum-hopping, see and be seen in fashionable spots, hit the beach or just soak up the atmosphere and the vibes.

Location Dell’ Acque

The Dell’ Acque gracefully sits in the midst of the cobblestoned Corfu Old Town – Greece’s largest and most famous Unesco site. Showstoppers like the imposing City Hall Square, the Ionian Parliament and the iconic arches of the Parisian Liston are just steps away – and make for an incredibly scenic pre or post-dinner stroll. You can also visit world-class museums or explore no fewer than 39 intricate antique churches before hitting the hottest, most exclusive drinking and dining spot in the Ionian Islands.

Location Two Angels

Corfu’s atmospheric Old Town is the largest Unesco site in Greece; strewn with neoclassical buildings, antique churches, castles, stone fountains, intricate statues and monuments, as well as timeless, narrow alleyways where washing lines stretch from balcony to balcony alluding to a bygone era. This is the scenic habitat of the Two Angels Jewellery Store. Make sure to explore the cobblestoned Corfiot capital for some pre-or post shopping inspiration, or wear the statement pieces that you just purchased to notable effect.


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