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Everything we do is driven by our commitment to delivering extraordinary travel experiences that are uniquely yours. That’s why we customise your stays with myriad experiential enrichments to transform a superb villa holiday into a life-enhancing one. Gastronomic pleasures and indulgent shopping are at the heart of our highly curated travel experiences designed to immerse you in the life of the locals. Our villas come with culinary delights on tap – including a sumptuous buffet breakfast served on-site or at the Dell’Acque All-Day Bar. An integral part of the Spiritual Living Corfu brand, the Dell’Acque in the most beautiful spot of Corfu’s Old Town, is a place where like-minded people come together to enjoy great food and drinks in a relaxed, yet magical atmosphere. This is a destination for hedonists in search of the essence of Corfu. Of course, a seamless mix of understated glamour and artistic spirit is at the core of this cosmopolitan island – and the Two Angels Jewelry shop, another signature member of our luxury collection, is your go-to place for satisfying your self-indulgence. Discover statement pieces among a brilliant selection of unique jewellery and accessories, enrich your collection with original art pieces and paintings, and get wonderfully inspired – the Spiritual Living Corfu way.

Dell’ Acque Cocktail Street Bar

Dell’Acque is a premium all-day street cocktail bar where hotel guests – and, not only, can enjoy their breakfast in a beautiful and cozy setting. Every evening, the spot transforms into a funky ‘street’ cocktail bar with premium cocktails and modern vibes (music and design).

2 Angels Jewellery Store

If there is one place to satisfy your self-indulgence, it’s certainly Two Angels Jewelry shop. Our lavish jewelry shop features high-quality luxury pieces of jewelry alongside unique pieces of art and paintings that will completement greatly your art collection.

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